How To Make Swag Drapes September 17, 2011


How To Make Swag Drapes

how to make swag drapes

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how to make swag drapes – Complete Photo

Complete Photo Guide to Window-Top Treatments: Do-It-Yourself Valances, Swags, and Cornices
Complete Photo Guide to Window-Top Treatments: Do-It-Yourself Valances, Swags, and Cornices
Window top treatments – swags, valances, and cornices – are very popular DIY home-decor projects. Quick and easy to sew, they soften and finish off a window and often are combined with blinds, curtains, or drapes. The Complete Photo Guide to Window Top Treatments is the only book that tells how to choose the right style and construct it step by step. Color photographs show twenty top treatments in a variety of room settings, fabrics, and decorative hardware.
Each window treatment has detailed, step-by-step instructions for measuring the window, calculating yardage, cutting, sewing, and installing.
Following in the tradition of CPi’s Windows with Style and Creative Window Treatments, The Complete Photo Guide to Window Top Treatments launches a new how-to series of window decor books.








SEPTEMBER 14, 2005

G’day folks,

I’m Rob Jan and this is my Towel Day log for 2005. Towel Day is held every year for the purpose of celebrating the works of the late Douglas Adams, creator of the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

Why Towel Day? In the novels/radio serial/television show/movie versions of HHGTTG it remains a constant that the most useful item a Galactic hitch-hiker can possess is a sturdy towel.

Why May 25th? Well, in line with the whimsical nature of HHGTTG the actual date has no particular significance and is more or less a random choice which has gained international acceptance.

The 25th of May was a Wednesday here, and it was a particularly wet, cold Autumn Melbourne day, so as I headed off that morning on foot to the train station Mao was pressed into service as a scarf, keeping the rain and wind at bay.

Now, I reckon I should introduce Mao. Mao is an M115 style, medium tufted, 100 % white cotton towel, measuring 108 by 31 centimetres, roughly 42 (!) by 12 inches. Why ‘Mao’? Well now, it’s not because my honourable ancestors are traditionally supposed to hail from the same village as the infamous and now happily deceased Chairman Mao, though that is indeed the family legend. I’m half Chinese, which doesn’t show on radio, and since my towel is a comforting, fluffy little item that sits up and purrs when you stroke it (mostly when there’s a cat hiding under it) I decided to call him after the Chinese word for moggy, Mao. The Chinese are nothing if not onamatapeac!

Expert towelspotters may already have deduced that Mao is an entirely hoopy

Touchstone Pictures Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy issue towel proudly embroidered with the hiking thumb logo from the film and the letters H2F2, 28-04-05. Mao was part of a swag of Buena Vista clobber, the rest of which I gave away on my show during the media build-up for the movie premiere. Mao was a little meloncholy at the loss of his fellow travelling towels, but after a while he snapped out of it and stopped sucking his thumb….

After I entrained, Mao proved himself again in the primary role of drying my hair and wiping my specs. Since the train was warmly heated Mao also mopped the sweat from my brow. Towels and moisture; in these gimmicky days of digital flannels and solar powered tea-towels it’s important that a well educated hand towel still covers the essential basics. Dry, snug and drowsy from the early morning start, (out and about at 7.30 am) I nodded off, my head comfortably pillowed on a damp but servicable rolled up Mao. When he’s not playing at being Manchester Mao is also quite useful for long public transport trips rolled up and tucked behind the small of my back, helping to maintain a healthy spinal curve.

When I hit the city I had several stops to make before I continued on to the Triple R radio station, which is located in the inner suburb of East Brunswick. Wearing Mao as a scarf tucked into a coat is all very well, though perhaps not from a fashion point of view given that my coat is actually khaki, but it’s when he’s draped over a shoulder that he attracts sideways glances. So, with that in mind I strode around the city with him ‘hanging loose’, with me responding to the occasional look with as cheery a smile as I could manage given the brisk weather.

I had a couple of minor conversations with people who bailed me up and wanted me to explain my towel, thus furthering the celebration of the works of the late, great DNA. There’s also something about baring thy towel with pride that seems to encourage frivolity. As I descended a skyscraper in a talking lift (that cheerfully told me just how late I had run for an appointment and how nasty it was outside and how glad it was it didn’t have to go out in it) I took the opportunity to whimsically get off at Floor 42, much to the bemusement of a crowd of depressingly uniform suits who eyed my towel uncertainly. Was I an officeworker on my way back from the corporate gym, or a morning tea jog, or perhaps from peddling into work? As I waited for another lift I reflected on the power of garments to influence peoples’ first impressions. Although this was before the London bombings, there was still plenty of generally unspoken unease about ‘ethnically dressed’ people, even down here in Australia. Rather illogical actually, when you think about it, the very last thing suicide bombers would want to do before completing their bloody handed mission is to draw attention to themselves! Still, what if I’d worn my towel as a turban, or if I’d been female, as a headscarf? Would uncertainty have been replaced by suspicion?

Considerations of Personal Towel Liberties aside, not long after I found myself explaining Mao to a chatty courier van dri

Drape Kings Royal Blue Velour Drapes

Drape Kings Royal Blue Velour Drapes
Drape Kings provided royal blue drapes for 2011 CBS Upfront party held at Lincoln center in NYC
how to make swag drapes

how to make swag drapes

Croscill Royalton Federal Valance
Croscill’s “Royalton” is truly trend right and has a custom decorator look. Large medallions in a sophisticated color combination of chocolate and aqua are woven across a stria ground. The Royalton federal valance has many details that give it a custom feel. The federal valance is “tucked” to create four swags across the width of the valance and is trimmed along the bottom edge with a beautiful fringe in the same shades of aqua and chocolate. The top of the valance has a 3 inch header, not included in the finished length of 17 inches, to give this a custom look. This is a great top treatment when hung alone, or pair it with the Royalton pole top drapes. The rod pocket measures 3 1/4 inches to accommodate a 2 1/2 inch continental rod. It is recommended that you use one valance for every 40 inches of window.